Most Business Websites FAIL Google’s Speed and Security Tests!

You may not realize it but there’s a 93% chance that your website is failing at least two out of the three critical tests that Google has in place right now.

These tests are for speed, mobile optimization and security.

  • If your home page doesn’t load in two to three seconds or less, Google will penalize you.
  • If your site is not mobile-optimized, Google will penalize you.
  • If your site is not secure, Google will penalize you.

Google’s mission from day one has been to deliver the best possible user experience and today that means the best possible mobile user experience.

If you want to be found by people who are ready to buy what you sell, you must have a fast-loading, optimized, secure website.

  • Fast – because impatient buyers won’t wait for your page to load on their mobile phones. They will click away!
  • Optimized – because frustrated buyers won’t bother to “pinch and scroll” to view your web pages on their smart phones. They will click away!
  • Secure – because Google plans to place warnings on search results when a site is not secure. You can already see the warning (or a missing lock icon) in all the major browsers if your site is not secure! This will stop buyers from clicking on your listing and they will buy from one of your competitors whose website is secure!

Speed, mobile optimization and security are just three of the ten website success components you must have in place if you want to attract and engage qualified prospects and convert them into buyers.

Hi, I’m Nick Nichols and I’ve been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, trainers and professional service providers get more customers, clients and patients using the internet since 1996. Wow, that’s more than 20 years!

Nick Nichols

Although technology has changed since I started, the fundamentals of sound internet marketing remain the same. Yet, I continue to be amazed by the mindset of many people I meet who mistakenly think they are “all taken care of” when it comes to their marketing.

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